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Voluntary Benefit Programs

Long Term Income Protection

HSTA members are eligible for many additional insurance programs like the program offered on this page. Take advantage today!

Long Term Income Protection for HSTA Members Only
Out of the blue, the unthinkable happens: an accident occurs and you are disabled and cannot work. Your paychecks stop. The bills pile up. You're drowning in an unforgivable ocean.

There are ways to avoid this scenario. Take HSTA VEBA's Long Term Income Protection insurance as an example.

If you are disabled and cannot work, HSTA VEBA's Long Term Income Protection Plan, underwritten by Hartford Insurance Group, coverage will kick in, making sure you are never left in the lurch.

What is Long Term Income Protection?
Long Term Income Protection is assistance when you lose your earning power due to injury or illness. If you are depending on your paycheck for your daily living expenses, you need to consider a solid, long-term income protection plan that helps to pay your basic expenses while you're totally disabled.

Total Disability is defined as the inability to engage in the material and substantial duties of your occupation during the first two years that benefits are payable. Thereafter, total disability is the inability to perform any occupation for which you are or can become qualified by training, education, or experience.

Available Plans
Teachers can choose a benefit plan to suit their needs:

  1. Choose to receive 50%, 60%, or 66 2/3% of your regular salary.
  2. Choose a waiting period of 6 months or 9 months

Premiums are calculated based on age, gross monthly salary and benefit option selected.

If you elect to enroll in Long Term Income Protection, the cost will depend on your pay, age, and choice of options. Because the plan is offered on a group basis, you will find the amount you pay for this income protection coverage is extremely low.

Enrollment can happen anytime, but health questionnaires are not required when a teacher enrolls within 60 days of becoming an HSTA member or during a scheduled open enrollment.

After 60 days, enrollment requires the completion of a health questionnaire.

Paying Premiums To make it easy, premiums for this insurance package are automatically payroll deducted.

Filing a claim
Contact the HSTA VEBA TRUST office if you must file a claim for Long Term Income Protection.


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