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About The Plan

About The Plan

For general information please refer to the Summary Plan Description:

Summary of Material Modifications – Effective May 2023

Read about important changes to the HSTA Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association Trust Voluntary Benefits coverage.

Accident Insurance Modifications

Critical Illness Insurance Modifications

Effective January 1, 2011, the HSTA VEBA Trust no longer administers the medical, drug, vision, chiropractic, and dental insurance.  Please contact the EUTF at 586-7390 or 1-800-295-0089 (Neighbor Island).

The HSTA VEBA Trust mails a Benefit Summary annually to all Participants.

The Benefit Summary shows what plans you enrolled in through HSTA VEBA Trust.  It also includes premium and beneficiary information.    

The HSTA VEBA Trust Trustees carefully selected each plan to ensure the best coverage for the dollar.  Save time – with automatic deduction via DAGS payroll.  Save money – HSTA VEBA Trust may continue to subsidize premiums for selected plans like Long Term Care Base Plan.

Yes, plan cancellation must be in writing.  Cancellation will be effective the first of the month following receipt of cancellation notice.

Conversion forms for the Long-Term Care and Life Insurance Plans will be mailed to you.  You will no longer receive the subsidy provided by the HSTA VEBA TRUST.

A conversion form allows you to continue your coverage directly with the insurance carrier.  This form is provided when your Long Term Care and/or Life Insurance plans are cancelled.