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Basic Plus Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance provides a lump sum of money to beneficiaries upon death of the insured.  It is intended to replace the deceased’s loss of current and some future income.  Whether the insured dies of natural or accidental causes, his/her beneficiaries will receive lump payments.  Life insurance can help:

  • Replace the loss of future income
  • Provide the ability for a spouse/partner to keep a home
  • Allow a surviving partner to raise and educate children
  • Unlike whole life insurance, term insurance has no cash value.


Ensure your loved ones are taken care of after you are gone.  We have affordable group rates for members, includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, which pays an additional amount if death is caused solely by an injury from an accident.  That means if you pass away in a car accident, your beneficiary may receive 2x the death benefit.  Our policy is a decreasing term life insurance.

Who is Eligible? Be an Active or Associate HSTA Member. Dependent Coverage Dependent Term Life Insurance is available to eligible dependents of Class I and Class II members enrolled in the Basic Plus Plan. See full dependent coverage description on page 11-12 of Summary Plan Description.

How to File a Claim

  • The Trust Office must be notified when a covered individual passes away.
  • The Beneficiary (or the Beneficiary’s authorized representative) must complete and submit IRS Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) and a certified copy of the Death Certificate to the Trust Office. If the Beneficiary is a Trust, a copy of the Trust instrument and all amendments, if applicable, must be submitted to the Trust Office.
  • In the case of an Accidental Death claim, an Autopsy Report and Toxicology Report must also be submitted to the Trust Office.
  • Upon notification and receipt of the required documentation, the Trust Office will complete the necessary forms and transmit them together with the required documentation to Pacific Guardian Life.

Accidental Dismemberment or Loss of Sight Benefits

  • Request a Group Accidental Dismemberment or Loss of Sight Benefits Form from the Trust Office.  You must complete and submit form to the Trust Office.
  • Upon receipt of the required documentation, the Trust Office will transmit your claim to Pacific Guardian Life.

Our plans were selected by teachers for teachers.  We offer affordable group rates.

The biggest difference is the death benefit amount and Basic Plus has AD & D coverage that means an addition amount gets paid to your beneficiary if death is caused solely by an injury from an accident.  If you need more than what is being offered for the Basic, you should also apply for the Basic Plus Life Insurance.  Both life insurance plans are decreasing term that means, as you get older, your coverage decreases and your monthly premium changes too. 

Yes, you can apply for Basic Plus Life Insurance; you would need to complete an application and Evidence of Insurability forms.  When your Basic Plus Life Insurance gets approved by the insurance carrier, you would have both the Basic Life Insurance and the Basic Plus Life Insurance.

Spouse and dependent unmarried children (as defined in Summary Plan Description) coverage is available via the Basic Plus Life Insurance Plan.  The amount your spouse elects may not exceed 50% of the Amount in-force for you. Upon retirement, your dependent children coverage will be terminated and your spouse coverage will decrease.

Yes, if you are a current HSTA member, call the HSTA VEBA TRUST at 808-440-6940 or 1-800-637-4926 (neighbor islands) and request application forms to be mailed to you.  An Evidence of Insurability Form may need to be completed in addition to the application form. 

The life insurance carrier makes that determination.  They will inform you directly if your application has been approved or denied.  Upon approval, HSTA VEBA TRUST will enroll you.

To ensure uninterrupted coverage, please inform HSTA VEBA Trust that you will be on leave so that HSTA VEBA Trust can bill you directly for the premium(s).