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Disability Insurance – Long-Term Income Protection Insurance

What is Disability Insurance?

Out of the blue, the thinkable happens: an accident or illness occurs and you are temporarily laid up or you become totally disabled. You depend on your paycheck to meet your monthly obligations like rent/mortgage, gas, car payments, day care, insurance, and groceries, you will be okay if you already enrolled in the VEBA Trust Short- or Long-Term Income Protection Insurance.

  • Everyone can use peace of mind knowing that an unexpected turn of events will not dramatically change your lifestyle.
  • Health insurance will cover medical costs but will not replace lost income.
  • Your savings can be drained quickly by the costs of an injury or illness.
Who Is Eligible:
  • Be an Active HSTA Member regularly employed and working a minimum of 17.5 hours per week, or
  • Be an Associate HSTA Member regularly employed by the State of Hawaii, or
  • Be a regularly scheduled employee of the Hawaii State Teachers Association.


Similar to Short-Term Income Protection Insurance, the only difference is the waiting period.  You select either 6 or 9 months wait period depending how much sick leave days you have accumulated. 

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Could you survive without a paycheck if you couldn’t work due to illness or injury? This plan offers a safety net in case you become ill or injured, and are forced to go without a paycheck for a long time. This plan can:

  • Protect up to 50-, 60-, or 66-⅔-percent of your monthly salary, depending on the plan, and up to the maximum benefit payment of $5,000 a month during a covered disability.
  • Provide benefits for 12 to 46 months depending on your age of disability.
  • Select either a 6- or 9-month benefit waiting period before the benefit begin


The cost will depend on your monthly salary, age and choice of elimination (benefit waiting period) option selected. Because the plan is offered through your HSTA VEBA Trust on a group basis, you’ll find the amount you pay for this disability plan coverage is reasonable.

To determine your cost for this plan:

  • Select your Benefit Level;
  • Find your Age category;
  • Select your Elimination Period (6 or 9 months), and
  • Complete the calculation section to determine your monthly cost.

If you decide to proceed and would like to enroll in the plan, complete the Enrollment Form and return it to the Trust Administration Office.

For your convenience, your monthly premium payment will be automatically deducted from your DAGS paycheck.

Benefit LevelAge6 Month Elimination9 Month Elimination
50% of SalaryUnder 40
40 – 49
50 and over
60% of SalaryUnder 40
40 – 49
50 and over
66 2/3 % of SalaryUnder 40
40 – 49
50 and over
Calculation Section
(A)  Enter your Gross Monthly Salary:                                                                          $ _____
(B)  Select benefit level, current age and elimination period rate factor:    X _____
(C)  (A) multiplied by (B) = (C) your monthly cost for the disability plan      $ _____

Calculation Section

(A)   Enter your Gross Monthly Salary:                                                                            $__________

(B)   Select benefit level, current age and elimination period rate factor:      X__________

(C)   (A) multiplied by (B) = (C) your monthly cost for the disability plan        $__________



Ability Assist is a series of free support benefits for those enrolled in the Long-Term Income Protection Insurance Plan:

  1. On the phone: Toll free access to counselors (800) 964-3577
  2. Online: Available 24/7 access to:
  3. Telephone assessments, referrals to local resources and services such as assistive equipment and home remodeling and respite care for caregivers.
  4. Ability Assist interactive web services with additional information and resources as well as self-assessment tools.
  5. Up to 3 face to face emotional or work-life counseling sessions per occurrence per year.


Travel Assist is available to enrollees who travel more than 100 miles from their primary home.  Members can call (800) 243-6108 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free access to travel assistance including:

  1. Pre-trip information
  2. Emergency Medical Assistance
  3. Emergency Personal Services

How to File a Claim

If you become Totally Disabled:

  • Notify the HSTA Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association Trust Office as soon as possible. Written notice of your claim must be provided to the Hartford within 30 days after you become disabled. A claim form for providing Proof of Loss will then be sent to you or you can download at LTIP claim form. Proof of Loss may include but not be limited to documentation of your disability, your earnings or income, and medical information.
  • You, your physician, and your employer (Department of Education) must complete the claim form. Written Proof of Loss must be sent to the Hartford within 90 days after the start of your disability.  The completed claim form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the following: 

The Hartford
P.O. Box 14302
Lexington, KY, 40512-4302

Fax number is:  (866) 411-5613


Total disability is inability to engage in the material and substantial duties of your own occupation during the first two (2) years that benefits are payable.  Thereafter, total disability is defined as the inability to perform any occupation for which you are or can become qualified by training, education or experience.

Yes.  However, if you are receiving Workers’ Compensation, your monthly disability payment under this plan will be reduced by the amount of that benefit.

Payment starts after you have been totally disabled for the elimination/benefit waiting period you selected at the time of your enrollment.

If you return to work for less than two (2) weeks and become totally disabled again for the same or related cause, you will not have to go through another elimination/waiting period to receive benefits.

Yes, but those benefits are limited to a total of 24 month for all disability periods during your lifetime.  This limitation does not apply to periods of confinement in a hospital or qualified institution for treating mental and nervous disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction.

In general, if you were diagnosed or received care for a condition before the effective date of coverage under this plan, you will be covered for a disability due to that condition only if:

  • You have not received treatment for your condition 90 days before the effective date of coverage or change in coverage;
  • You have been covered under this plan for 24 months prior to your disability commencing;
  • You received no treatment for 12 consecutive months from the effective date of coverage under this plan.

Maternity is covered as any other eligible disability.

Salary replacement is based on the benefit level you choose upon enrollment (i.e., 50%, 60% or 66 2/3 %), up to a maximum payment of $5,000 per month.  And, benefit payment will be reduced by other sources of income such as Workers’ Compensation, Sick pay and Social Security benefits.

Yes.  You must apply because your disability benefits will be offset by the amount of Social Security benefits you are eligible to receive.  Hartford provides disability claimants with information describing the Social Security application and appeal process.  If your claim is denied, Hartford is available to help you obtain benefits to which you may be entitled.

For the purpose of this plan, your monthly income is defined as (1) your monthly earnings excluding commissions, bonuses or overtime pay and other fringe benefits or extra compensation plus (2) most types of disability or retirement benefits which were being paid to you before you became totally disabled, such as those from a previous employer’s plan.

Disability or retirement benefits paid for by a personal policy owned by the employee, or received from the Veterans Administration are excluded from monthly income.

Your benefit payments are not subject to State and Federal income tax since you are paying for this plan coverage with your after-tax dollars.

Benefit payments will be sent directly to you by the carrier, The Hartford.

Benefits are not payable for disabilities that are caused or contributed by war or act of war; the commission of, or attempt to commit a felony; an intentionally self-inflicted injury; any case where you are being engaged in an illegal occupation was a contributing cause to your disability.