Disability Insurance – Short-Term Income Protection Insurance

What is Disability Insurance?

Out of the blue, the unthinkable happens:  an accident or illness occurs and you are temporarily laid up or you become totally disabled.  You depend on your paycheck to meet your monthly obligations like rent/mortgage, gas, car payments, day care, insurance, and groceries, you will be okay if you already enrolled in the VEBA Trust Short- or Long-Term Income Protection Insurance. 

  • Everyone can use peace of mind knowing that an unexpected turn of events will not dramatically change your lifestyle.
  • Health insurance will cover medical costs but will not replace lost income.
  • Your savings can be drained quickly by the costs of an injury or illness.


HSTA VEBA Trust also provides a $10 subsidy to reduce your monthly premium.
Learn more about this plan at http://americanfidelity.com/hsta.


Short Term Income Protection Insurance is assistance when you lose your earning power due to injury or illness. If you depend on your paycheck for your daily living expenses, you need to consider a solid, short-term income protection plan that helps to pay your basic expenses while you’re temporarily disabled (i.e., pregnancy) by replacing a portion of your income.

It is valuable protection against the “what ifs” in life.  All members are encouraged to enroll, but especially those who have less than 6 months of sick leave and/or rely on their paycheck to meet monthly obligations.

  • Protect up to 60-percent of your monthly salary, and
  • Provide coverage for 90 days or 180 days.

Who is Eligible?

Be an Active HSTA Member, and Be actively employed in Bargaining Unit 5 in the field of education and working a minimum of 17.5 hours per week.





How to File a Claim

Proof of Loss should be made within 30 days after any loss covered by the Plan. If it is not reasonably possible to give Proof of Loss within that time, your claim may not be denied or reduced due to the delay. Proof of Loss, provided at your expense, must show:

  1. That you are under the regular and appropriate care of a physician;
  2. The date your Disability began;
  3. The cause of your Disability;
  4. The appropriate documentation of your monthly compensation;
  5. The extent of your Disability, including restrictions and limitations preventing you from performing your regular occupation; and
  6. The name and address of any hospital or institution where you received treatment, including all attending physicians.

Proof of Loss must be sent to American Fidelity within 90 days after the loss. Late Proof of Loss may be accepted if it was not reasonably possible to give proof within 90 days and the Proof of Loss is given within 1 year from the date of loss. This 1-year limit will not apply in the absence of legal capacity.

Mail completed written proof of loss/claim form to:

American Fidelity Assurance Company
2000 North Classen Boulevard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106

Or you can file your claim on-line at http://americanfidelity.com/hsta

Yes, the HSTA VEBA Trust subsidize $10.00 of your monthly premium.

You must notify the HSTA VEBA Trust if there is a change in your monthly salary by completing a new Enrollment Form and checking the box “Change in Salary” located on the top of the form.  Submit the completed form to the HSTA VEBA Trust office.

Pre-existing conditions is: a disease, injury, physical condition or mental illness where someone has received treatment for, incurred and expense, taken medication, received care for, received a diagnosis or advice from a Physician during the last 12 months.

Benefits begin on the 8th day of Disability or after your sick leave has been exhausted, whichever is greater, due to a covered accidental injury or illness.

Your disability benefit will be the amount applied for and issued, not to exceed 60% of your monthly compensation.