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Active Long Term Care

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care is ongoing personal assistance for an individual who, as the result of an accident, illness or age, needs help preforming daily activities of maintaining their health. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider Long-Term Care Insurance:

  • Protect your assets
  • Minimize dependence on family members and others
  • Control how, where, and from whom you receive care


HSTA VEBA Trust will provide 100% subsidy towards your monthly premium for your Long-Term Care Base Plan Insurance as long as you are enrolled in another VEBA Trust plan. Learn more about LTC Insurance at:


This plan provides coverage in the form of a fixed dollar indemnity monthly benefit if you become disabled and you are receiving care while confined in a Long-Term Care Facility or Assisted Living Facility.

If you purchase Total Home Care or Professional Home Care Services coverage, UNUM will pay you a benefit if you elect to receive care other than in a Long-Term Care Facility or Assisted Living Facility.

Coverage is subject to policy limitations, benefit maximums and elimination periods.

Who is Eligible?
  • Be an Active or Associate HSTA Member, and
  • Be enrolled and continuously covered as an eligible participant under one or more of the Trust’s benefit plans, other than Long-Term Care Insurance Plan.
Dependent Coverage As long as you are enrolled for coverage under the Long-Term Care Insurance Plan, your family members may also apply for coverage.  Eligible family members are your spouse, your children, your parents, stepparents, siblings, parent-in-law, grandparents, and grandparents-in-law.  All family members applying for coverage must be between the ages 18 and 84. See full dependent coverage description on page 38-39 of Summary Plan Description.

Base Coverage for Active Participants
The Base Coverage is as follows:

Elimination (Waiting) Period:  90 consecutive days

Monthly Benefit Maximums*
Long Term Care Facility:  $1,000
Assisted Living Facility:  $600
Professional Home Care Services:  $500

Lifetime Maximum Amount*:  $36,000

In addition to the Base Coverage, you may also apply for Additional Buy-Up Coverage described in the Outline of Coverage.  However, you are responsible for the cost of all Additional Buy-Up Coverage.  If you are applying outside of the guaranteed issue period, you must submit information on your health status and the insurance company has the right to decide whether to accept or deny your request for coverage.

    1. LTC insurance Personal Worksheet
    2. Group LTC insurance potential rate increase disclosure form
    3. Things you should know before you buy LTC insurance

How to File Claim:

  1. Contact the HSTA VEBA Trust office for Long Term Care Claim forms, complete the forms and send it to UNUM. You must send UNUM the claim forms no later than 90 days after the date you become disabled or as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so, but in no event more than one year after the time this proof is required.
  2. You will be required to give UNUM information on your continued Disability, when requested. UNUM may also require a claims assessment, which is a review done by UNUM to help in evaluating the Disability. A face-to-face interview or examination by a Physician may also be required. If required, however, UNUM will pay for the cost of the interview or examination.




In order to sign up for Long Term Care, you would need to be enrolled in another HSTA VEBA TRUST plan like Short- or Long-Term Income Protection Insurance, Basic Life or Basic Plus Life Insurance, Critical Illness, or Accident Insurance.

The Long-Term Care Base plan covers $1,000.00 a month if you are receiving care in a Long-Term Care Facility.  The facility benefit duration is 3 years.  The base plan also covers professional home care at 50% of your monthly facility benefit ($500.00).  The maximum lifetime coverage is for $36,000.*

*This plan overview is a summary provided to help you understand your insurance coverage from UNUM.  Please refer to your certificate booklet for your complete plan description.  If the terms of this plan highlighted summary or your certificate differs from your policy, the policy will govern.

Zero; no cost to you, the HSTA VEBA Trust subsidizes 100% of your monthly premium.

Yes, you can increase your Long-Term Care coverage.  You would need to complete an application along with the Evidence of Insurability form.  The HSTA VEBA TRUST will continue to subsidize, but only up to the amount of the Long-Term Care Base Plan.  You can call the HSTA VEBA TRUST office at 808-440-6940 or 1-800-637-4926 (neighbor islands) to request for the required forms.

Then you would just continue to have the Long-Term Care Base Plan and the HSTA VEBA TRUST would continue to subsidize it.  Denial of additional coverage will not change your current coverage.

Your new premium will be calculated at your current age and the amount that was subsidized by the HSTA VEBA TRUST will reduce your monthly premium.